Picture1-300x300Mayflower Police Department

For Emergencies: 911

Contact Information
Phone:  501-470-1000
Fax:      501-470-9068
Or, use the contact form further down this page.

Non-Emergency Hours of Operation 
8:00- 4:30 Mon.-Fri.

Incident Reports
$10 + $2 extra for any included pictures requested

Finger Prints
$10 – Teachers outside of the City of Mayflower
(Mayflower teachers are free.)
General Employment – $15
Gun Permit – $20
Foster Care – $20


Laura’s Law information and Laura’s Card

The recently enacted “Laura’s Law” requires Arkansas police officers responding to domestic violence incidents to ask victims a set of questions to evaluate their risk of being killed by abuse, such as whether the offender has ever used a weapon against the victim or controls most of the victim’s daily activities. The assessment aims to help identify victims in severe danger needing intervention. Police will also present victims with a “Laura’s Card,” a document listing their rights and contact information for local prosecutors and shelters.  Learn More >>


Police Dept. Awards


Officer Derrick Jackson received an Official Commendation for responding to a fire at Paintball Arkansas. Officer Jackson was able to keep the fire under control until the fire department could respond, kept the fire from spreading and prevented further property loss due to his quick actions.

Officer Jackson also received the Police Officer of the Year Award. He was chosen for this award because of his exemplary attitude on the job and making good decisions about job-related problems. Officer Jackson comes to work each day looking sharp in uniform and always has a good attitude.


Officer Danny Leigh received the award for Police Department Employee of the Year. He is a self-motivated individual that takes on any task given to him without complaint. Officer Leigh and his staff have rehomed over 200 dogs and 70 cats since the tornado occurred. He also handles many code enforcement problems that may arise in an exemplary manner and comes to work with a good attitude each day.



LEO Awards 2015

Sgt. Wesley Tyra and Officer Matthew Faircloth at the recent Law Enforcement Officer Awards Banquet




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