Chairman Delbert Dawson called the Public Hearing to order at 7:00 pm. Answering roll call were Ken Tugwell, Chad Patterson, Jana Green-Fornash, David Binz, Delbert Dawson, James Oliver, Kayleigh Hartje, and Sammy Reynolds. We do have a quorum.

Request for Variance, State Code 500-04N-13W-0-20-310-23-1243. Mr. Ashley presented Proof of Publication pertaining to the request for a variance, which stated that the legal advertisement was published on January 31, 2017.

Mr. Ashley asked the Board to allow for a five foot variance, and to construct three billboards signs on the above stated property.

Comments from the public were made by Mr. Jeff Stolzer, who resides at 44 Durham Road, Mayflower, AR. Mr. Stolzer stated he would like to see a building go up on Interstate Drive instead of a billboard, considering there are four billboards at this time placed along Interstate Drive.

The following comments were made by the Commissioners:

  • Commissioner Tugwell asked if you are required to collect sales tax on the billboards when you rent the space. Mr. Ashley respond by saying that there is no sales tax collected because it falls under rental property, and you are not required to collect sales tax on that.
  • Commissioner Oliver stated that the Commission could allow the variance and let the City Council have the final say.
  • Commissioner Green-Fornash stated she had looked over several other ordinances in other cities and was wondering how the Commission would go about changing the ordinance that is in place now.


It was explained that the Commission would have to get with Metroplan to consider what the Commission would like for the ordinance to be, and then, it would be a recommendation to the City Council for the Aldermen to vote on.

  • Commissioner Binz stated that he would like the Commission to allow them to place one billboard alongside Interstate Drive and one billboard to be placed alongside Interstate 40 eastbound, which runs parallel with Hwy 365.
  • Commissioner Reynolds asked if the Commission could give the go ahead on three billboards at this time.
  • Chairman Dawson stated that he agreed with Commissioner Binz that two billboards would be feasible at this time, considering the future of the overpass.
  • Mr. Ashley stated that they would like to see the property developed, but at this time they would like some sort of revenue off of the property and having the billboards on the property would provide some revenue.


ADJOURNMENT: Chairman Dawson asked for a motion to adjourn the Public Hearing. Commissioner Binz made a motion, with a second by Commissioner Green-Fornash to adjourn. All members voted affirmatively, the public hearing was adjourned at 7:20 P.M.