Chairman Dawson called the meeting to order at 7:21 P.M.

Recorder Jenifer Mawhinney called roll. Commissioners in attendance for the meeting are Delbert Dawson, Sammy Reynolds, James Oliver, Ken Tugwell, Chad Patterson, Jana Green-Fornash, Kayleigh Hartje, and David Binz. We have a quorum.

Chairman Dawson asked for a motion to accept the minutes from the January 10, 2017 regular meeting. Commissioner Tugwell made the motion, and Commissioner Green-Fornash seconded the motion. Minutes will stand approved as presented.

Chairman Dawson asked Fire and Code Chief Josh Woods for any reports he may have; Chief Woods stated he did not have any reports at this time.

Chairman Dawson asked for any new business. Commissioner Binz stated he would like to make a motion to allow Ashley Media the variance they requested earlier at the public hearing, stating that the variance would only be allowed for the placement of two billboards; one to be erected running alongside Interstate Drive, and the other to be erected alongside Interstate 1-40 east bound. Commissioner Tugwell seconded the motion. The motion will now go to the City Council for their approval.

Chairman Dawson turned the floor over to Mr. Oren Nobel, with CWB Engineers. Mr. Nobel stated that North Railroad Road had been completed. He also gave an update on the Mayflower Elementary School safe room project, stating that the building has been moved by ten feet, that the building size has decreased due to funding, and that the drainage would not be an issue with the moving and downsizing of the square footage of the building.

Also present at the meeting was Mr. Randall Palculict, with Jackson Brown Palculict Architects, to give an update on the safe room project by stating that the state fire marshal’s office has approved the moving of the building with the new drawings, and that the safe room has been sent out for bid.

Mr. Palculict also gave an overview and answered questions about the Mayflower City Center and Police Department Building. Mr. Palculict stated that the building meets all of the requirements for the Jump Start program, then passed around a 3D model of the court room for all commissioners to look at to get an idea of what the court room would look like once it is built. He added that there are some changes to be made to the preliminary site plan that he would present the Commission at the March 14, 2017 meeting. (Attached to minutes will be the comments from Josh Woods on the changes he requested.)

Chairman Dawson asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting, Commissioner Binz made the motion, and Commissioner Patterson second the motion. Meeting will stand adjourned at 8:10 PM.