Chairman Dawson called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Recorder Jenifer Mawhinney called roll. Commissioners in attendance for the meeting were Delbert Dawson, Sammy Reynolds, James Oliver, Ken Tugwell, Chad Patterson, and Jana Green-Fornash. Commissioner David Binz was absent. We do have a quorum.

Chairman Dawson asked for a motion to accept the minutes from the December 13, 2016 regular meeting; Commissioner Tugwell made the motion, and Commissioner Patterson seconded the motion. Minutes will stand approved as presented.

Chairman Dawson asked for a motion to approve the 2017 City Government Calendar. Commissioner Patterson made the motion, and Commissioner Reynolds seconded the motion. The 2017 City Government Calendar will stand approved.

Chairman Dawson asked Fire and Code Chief Josh Woods for any reports he may have. Chief Woods presented the Commission with a letter over an issue that has arisen over RVs and motor homes being lived in for temporary housing. Chief Woods stated he had discussed this issue with the City Clerk, and the way the zoning reads at this time, they are allowed to do so without setting a time limit, so he could not enforce any codes at this time.  The code could be enforced if the RV or motor home was not in running condition. Recorder Jennifer Mawhinney stated she had contacted Daniel Holland with Metroplan over the reading of the code, and he also stated that the way it reads that a time limit could not be set. Chairman Dawson asked recorder Mawhinney to contact Mr. Holland and see what would need to be done to have the code re-written to have a time limit on them.

Chief Woods also gave an update on Riley’s Pizza moving into a new building. Chief Woods stated that he had several phone calls over them not having to come in front of the commission, and also stated they did not have health department approval at this time and could not open until that was received.

Chairman Dawson advised the commission that Ashley Media was going to have to reschedule their public hearing due to the wrong date being put in the Log Cabin Democrat.

Chairman Dawson asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting; Commissioner Reynolds made the motion, and Commissioner Green-Fornash second the motion. Meeting will stand adjourned.