Chairman Dawson called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Recorder Angela Patterson called roll. Commissioners in attendance for the meeting are Delbert Dawson, Sammy Reynolds, James Oliver, Ken Tugwell, Chad Patterson, Kayleigh Hartje, and David Binz. We have a quorum.

Approval and/or Changes to Minutes: Chairman Dawson asked for a motion to accept the minutes from the February 14, 2017 regular meeting. Commissioner Binz noted that Commissioner Hartje had been omitted from the minutes. Commissioner Binz made the motion, and Commissioner Tugwell seconded the motion. Minutes will stand approved, with noted change.

Reports: Chairman Dawson asked Fire and Code Chief Josh Woods for any reports he may have; Chief Woods stated he did not have any reports at this time, but replied to Chairman Dawson’s question concerning two trailers being set up on Pine Tree Loop, in an R-1 Single Family zone. He stated that said street, according to OEM 9-1-1 and the water department, had been renamed Fowler, and therefore, technically did not violate any zoning ordinance regarding mobile homes. Chairman Dawson inquired if they had acquired the necessary permits from the City Clerk and reinforced that the homeowner must come before the Planning Commission to address the lack of sidewalks and addition of mobile homes.

Old Business: Referring to a workshop held for the City Council and the Planning Commission on March 13, 2017, a discussion of the legality of Ashley Media placing billboards, on Interstate Drive and alongside Interstate 1-40 east bound, resulted in agreeing to wait for Attorney Terry Ballard to make further enquiries into the matter.

It was also discussed that Ordinance 116 would likely have to be repealed or amended, as it is in conflict with the current Overlay District Ordinance.

Chairman Dawson recognized Oren Noble, CWB Engineering, and Randy Palculict, Jackson Brown Palculict Architects, to speak on the submitted changes to the Mayflower Community Center/Police Building, as requested at the February meeting. Advertising for bid letting could begin as soon as March 19, 2017, upon approval from the Mayor, and bids taken in April. The funding source must be in place first. Inspector Woods has signed off on all previous requirements, but will wait until the latest revisions have been submitted for final approval.

Chairman Dawson advised Mr. Noble and Mr. Palculict that there were still a few items to submit to the Commission:

  1. the project approval sheet with signatures from Metroplan and city department heads
  2. comments, approval, and official letter from Metroplan
  3. address handicapped parking and prisoner drop-off


Public Comments: Chairman Dawson recognized Andy Timmer, Plantation Subdivision to speak before the Commission about surveyors encroaching on cemetery land and the proposed Phase 6 of the Plantation. He wanted to avoid flooding issues that have plagued those living on Putter Cove.

A second resident from the Plantation Subdivision questioned the potential of being annexed into the city and was advised to speak to Mayor Holland.

Philip Loken asked for information about the Railroad Overpass and was encouraged to attend the Public Hearing on April 6th at the Baptist Church.

Taurine and Virginia Main introduced themselves as the founders of the Mayflower Paws and Whiskers, a nonprofit group formed to fundraise and educate on behalf of Mayflower Animal Control.

They are seeking land to expand the size of holding areas and work with Faulkner County to assist in fostering and in the adoption of area animals.

Chairman Dawson asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Commissioner Patterson made the motion, and Commissioner Oliver seconded the motion. Meeting will stand adjourned at 8:20 P.M.