Mayflower’s City Center project received a big boost when ExxonMobil gave $500,000 in grant monies to the City.

Mayor Randy Holland said that over $420,000 will be marked for the development of the Community Center, and $80,000 will be used for a Nature Pavilion on Lake Conway.  “This project will be the city center of Mayflower,” Holland said.  Mayor Holland said that he believes rebuilding “from the heart (of Mayflower) outward” is the most successful way.

The city center would be a possible new home for the City Council, Police Department, Mayor’s office and more, and be an integral part of the “Slow Street” plan and project developed through the Jump Start initiatives over the past year.

The nature pavilion project would become an educational tool for Arkansas, featuring webcams on Lake Conway that can be connected to a kiosk in the lobby of the pavilion.

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