From Mayor Holland: 

2-20-21  At this time the Mayflower Waterworks has completed two sections of the water system. First section was the city. Section two was residents on Paradise, Jackson Avenue and Dogwood area. After these two sections were completed the level in tank was at a concerning level. In order to be able to continue filling other sections, we have to fill the tanks to a safe level before continuing to another section of water system. This is a slow process when the water system was completely empty. It takes several thousand gallons to fill a section and maintain water pressure in that part of the system. The rate of water coming into the tank can’t keep up with rate of the water that’s being used. So please be conservative at this time so we can get the system filled in a timely manner.


Thisweek’s winter weather event has caused an unusual strain on the Mayflower Water system. Our water supplier has been supplying an adequate volume of water.  The issue is that the demand on our water system is greater than the rate the tanks can refill.  Leaking pipes within the water district have added to this increased demand.  

If you think you may have a water leak, PLEASE CALL US at 472-6849, 472-6819, or 472-5125.

I am in constant contact with our Water department head, Raymond Arnold, and our City Council, as conditions change.   I appreciate your patience as we work diligently to restore water as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your conservation and conservative use of water.  I also would like to thank the Mayflower Water Department staff, led by Department Head Raymond Arnold, for their hard work to solve this problem, Community Water for supplying the water we need and Conway Corp for their emergency assistance. 

2020 Mayor’s Impact Award

Fire Chief Josh Woods received the 2020 Mayor’s Impact Award, one given by the Mayor each year to an individual who has made a definite impact on our community, at the September 22, 2020 City Council meeting.

In addition to Fire Chief, he serves as the Building Inspector, Fire Investigator/Marshall, Code Enforcement Officer, and as a Part-Time 2 Police Officer for Mayflower, plus a myriad of professional and personal accomplishments.  Mayor Holland presented a plaque, along with, a memory book containing letters from family members and former co-workers. 

City Clerk, Barbara Mathes, stated, “I would be remiss not to acknowledge some others—your wife Dena.  Thank you for your love and support of this man, and also to your children, Keeton and Kenzie. Thank you for sharing your dad with us.  I know it’s not easy when a meal or a family function gets interrupted, or you are awakened in the middle of the night when Josh gets the call.  Just know you are appreciated also.” 

Thank you, Chief Woods!


Letter from Mayor Holland regarding the Covid-19 outbreak:

Dear Residents,

The City of Mayflower is now operating at LEVEL 3 status.  This means no public access to government offices, water department, or Court offices.  These offices will remain open with essential crew members, and residents can still pay their water bill through the drive-thru window or drop box.

In addition, we will be following the directives, lead by Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, the Arkansas Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control.  I am in touch with our State, local and Federal agencies on a daily basis. Any updates will be posted here on our website. 

Some of the most recent actions related to Covid-19:

NEW: Limited Dine-In Operations Open May 11th

This is an unprecedented time, especially for Mayflower.  We’ve been through many challenges, but this time we are dealing with Covid-19, a virus that not only affects our city, but reaches far beyond our borders. 

I encourage all of us to take the necessary steps to keep ourselves, our families and our neighbors safe by doing all we can as individuals to limit the spread of this virus. 

Thank you for your cooperation, your understanding and your sacrifices during this time. 

Mayor Randy Holland


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