Highway 89 Overpass Project

Update: Mayflower Traffic Counts

The aerial photo shows the proposed location for the new Hwy 365 bridge over Palarm Creek, and its relationship with the park. Click for a larger version.

Hwy 365 Near Palarm Creek = 4300 ADT

Hwy 365 between Hwy 89 North and South = 9000 ADT

Hwy 365 South of Gold Creek = 5200 ADT

You can find historic traffic counts and additional counts for the Mayflower area using the link for ArDOT.

This is a section taken from ArDOT’s website showing the most recent traffic counts for our two major roadways, Highways 365 and 89.

The full map can be seen by clicking here.

 Highway 89 Railroad Overpass

• “OPEN HOUSE” MTG: Interested citizens are invited to attend, view displays, ask questions, and offer their views about the project. MORE >> 

• Crews are working on moving utilities, obtaining and clearing right-of-way. Funds are allocated and bidding is expected to begin in April or May of 2020. Construction is estimated to begin in summer of 2020. 

• The City of Mayflower is in a partnership with Metroplan, ArDOT, and Faulkner County to finance the construction of the Hwy 89 railroad overpass realignment.  The project is scheduled for completion in 2020.

More about the Highway 89 overpass here >>

The construction of the Union Pacific Overpass Project / Highway 89 will increase the flow of traffic over the railroad.  The current railroad crossing is a safety hazard as it blocks traffic, including emergency vehicles, for nearly an hour at times.  The project is expected to be completed in 2020.


Project Timeline:

• July 24, 2018: The Mayflower City Council passed Resolution 2018-09, granting the City of Mayflower a partnership with Metroplan, ArDOT, and Faulkner County to finance the construction of the Hwy 89 railroad overpass realignment.

• July 17, 2018: The Faulkner County Quorum Court passed Resolution 18-04, appropriating funds to begin construction of the Highway 89 railroad overpass realignment. Along with Faulkner County, ArDOT and Metroplan will also finance part of the project, drastically reducing Mayflower’s share.

• April 6th, 2018: The AHTD held a public hearing to discuss three options for the Highway 89 Improvement Project, and the location of the railroad overpass. Three alternatives are being presented, with one alternative recommended by the AHTD.

Public input and comments were collected at the hearings until Friday May 5th, 2017.

The handouts from the meeting, as well as the input form, can be found below, or at arkansashighways.com